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Shantel Jackson —  or “Miss Jackson,” as she is more commonly referred to — is the former fiance of boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The two appeared together often at events and in the tabloids during their relationship. Now, according to The Washington Post, Jackson is suing the boxer, claiming she suffered abuse during their relationship.

Jackson seemingly means business with her suit and has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, who has a reputation as being the go-to lawyer for the monied masses.

Mayweather and Jackson parted ways earlier this year after reportedly being together for seven years and, in May, Mayweather set social media on fire after he posted a photo of a sonogram he claimed was of a twin pregnancy that Jackson had aborted. This, he said, was the real reason for the break up. Jackson, however, announced at a press conference Thursday, that she left Mayweather because of physical and emotional abuse.

Accusations of abuse are nothing new for Mayweather, though. The 37-year-old fighter has been down this road before with his ex and the mother of two of his children, Josie Harris.  Two years ago, Mayweather was placed behind bars for two months after pleading guilty to felony battery and two counts of harassment involving Harris.  He was also accused of making verbal threats against his two children with Harris.

Even though Jackson plans on duking it out in court with her former flame, she has apparently moved on in matters of the heart and is now reportedly keeping close company with rapper Nelly.