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Judy Evon Bingham (pictured) is facing felony charges of cruelty to children in the first degree and battery, after being arrested for reportedly dragging a kindergarten child, who had misbehaved, across a classroom floor and down a hallway to the school’s office, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The East Cobb, Georgia Tritt Elementary School educator allegedly chastised a five-year-old boy in her class for not sitting still and following instructions during circle time according to an unnamed paraprofessional, whom police officers reportedly interviewed states AJC.

According to the para, when Bingham tried speaking to the child, he reportedly ran from her so she grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him out of the classroom.  When Bingham returned to the class, she had allegedly informed the para, she was forced to still continue her efforts of dragging the boy by his ankles down the hallway in an effort to get him to the front office.  The para allegedly told investigators, the teacher had made it seem, as if her actions had been tolerated by school administrators in the front office.

Bingham was reportedly interviewed by school officials and in a report, she denies dragging the child at all.   AJC states that according to the report, “Ms.Bingham said she, ‘scooped him up.  Ms. Bingham said she had to grab him by the leg to get him to move.”

Even though the alleged incident involving the young child took place on August 15, the boy’s parents only just learned about the allegations via a neighbor’s child.

School officials have oped not to discuss the Bingham case as it is still under investigation according to AJC but a letter was reportedly sent home with the students stating, the 48-year-old teacher would not be returning to Tritt Elementary.

Bingham has since been released from jail after posting a $5,000 bond, the educator will however be arraigned at a later date.