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Even though Detroit Pistons’ power forward Greg Monroe (pictured) was reportedly charged with impaired driving back in February, news of his arrest just hit the fan accompanied by allegations that he urinated on himself during the booking process. And to add insult to injury, Huntington Woods, Mich., police just released the video of Monroe being taken in to custody for charges that all stemmed from a non-working headlight, according to MLive.

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Monroe was reportedly put through a routine number of sobriety tests by the arresting officers and he allegedly managed to botch each one: Reciting the alphabet was a chore, counting backward was also a feat, and walking in a straight line was a next-to-impossible task for the NBA baller, states a police report.

According to Monroe, he had only consumed two glasses of wine at the time of his arrest, but his blood alcohol level reportedly read 0.089, and the legal limit in Michigan is 0.08.

Monroe, who apologized for his DUI, was suspended for two games. The big man is entering his fifth season with the Pistons, and only recently, signed a qualifying offer with the organization for a reported  $5.4 million.

As the 24-year-old, 6’11” player is being hauled off to a cell by officers, he is clearly nervous as he states, “I’m just trying not to be in the newspaper.  I play for the Pistons.”

Watch the dashcam video of Monroe’s arrest here:



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