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Going into the season, it was no secret that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh could likely leave Detroit this off-season, when he can become a free agent for the first time in his career. However, when ESPN reported shortly before Sunday’s 24-17 win against the Jets that Suh prefers to play in New York, it naturally caused a lot of talk among fans and more importantly, it caused a lot of reporters to ask questions.

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Now Suh, who has repeatedly said he wants to stay in Detroit, reportedly did not dress in the Lions locker room after Sunday’s game, as he ignored reporters questions on his way to the team bus at MetLife Stadium,

While some may look at that and read more into it. Keep in mind that Suh rarely speaks with reporters in the locker room after road games unless the Lions bring him to the post-game podium, which they did not do on Sunday.

Although, Suh wasn’t around to answer questions about news reports that he wants out of Detroit, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell was available to the media. However, don’t get to happy because like Suh, Caldwell was not in any mood to address any reports surrounding Suh, after his team’s win over the New York Jets on Sunday.

“I can’t talk about any rumors or speculation or anything,” Caldwell said after Sunday’s win concerning the ESPN reports about Suh. “I’m not going to answer those kinds of questions. I’m not going to even go there. And the big thing is, I do think that we just played a heck of a football game, and I think that’s what’s important.

“These guys played well, did a great job, and we just hope we continue to get them better. We’ve got a big one next week.”

If you wondering if anything changed in the last 24 hours, it didn’t. During Monday afternoon media presser, Caldwell was once again bombarded with continuous questions about Suh and as expected, he decline to answer any questions about Suh’s future with the Lions.

“I’m not going to talk about those kind of things.” Caldwell said Monday afternoon. “That was address earlier on the season, when Tom (Lewand) made the last statement that he made in regard to it. Other than that, I’m not going to talk about any issues. I will talk about the game and talk about anything else you want to, other than that I’m not going to speak to that.”

Despite Caldwell’s earlier statement that he didn’t want to speak about Suh’s future with the Lions. Certain reporters were forever resilient as they continued to ask Caldwell’s questions about Suh. Nevertheless, Caldwell wouldn’t budge, even when one reporter said that it was important question that needed to be ask.

“It might be an important (question) but I am not going to address it.” Caldwell replied. “It might be important to you but I’m not going to address it at this point and time. Next question.”

While I’m sure certain people won’t agree with me on this particular subject, I am fine with Caldwell not addressing the rumors and/or reports about Suh.  We know the main facts already, which is that Suh wants to be one of the highest paid defensive players in the league but with the two sides far apart on money, the Lions tabled contract negotiations with Suh at the start of training camp.

Even though, I know we would like have an answer now about whether Suh will be here in Detroit long-term. I still don’t think that Suh leaving or not leaving should be the main area of focus. The main focus should be the Lions 3-1 start, the fact that they currently lead the NFC North and that Caldwell and his staff are slowly but surely turning this team around, despite the adversity that they have had to face early on with injuries.

Now is Suh a big topic? Absolutely. However, speculating on what he will and won’t do, is almost pointless right now. He is here now and the Lions will deal with Suh’s decision to stay or leave accordingly when the time comes. However, for now they are focused on this season, as they should be.

Nevertheless, while Caldwell wouldn’t answer questions about Suh’ future with the Lions, he did speak on Suh’s impact and leadership to this team.

“There’s no question … that (Suh) is a very talented guy.. You can see it when we played against him and it certainly does indeed present itself in every game for our opponent. He does a tremendous job, he’s a guy you have to pay attention to. He certainly warrants double teams in almost every facet which opens up the opportunity for other guys to make plays, whether it be pass rush or in the run game, where they can’t afford to single block him necessarily. So he gets a lot of attention, and I think I mentioned last week that if this was hockey, he would lead the league in assists, so he’s a very important guy for us.”

“I can only tell you exactly what I just told you as in terms of his effect and impact. I think that is quite evident, you see it, we see it and understand it. He’s one of our strong leaders as well and there are a lot of positives obviously that he certainly brings to the table, he’s an extraordinary player. I think often times, you guys make plenty good assumptions, so I think you guys can do what you normally do and make assumptions. Even though, errant assumptions, leads to failure.”

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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