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Monica Hargrove (pictured), who was reportedly wanted for robbery by the Columbus, Ohio police, was so upset by her unflattering mugshot posted on the law enforcement’s Facebook page that she called them to have it removed leading to her arrest, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The photo of the 34-year-old woman was posted by the police department as part of a weekly roundup of criminals called “Warrant Wednesday,” an initiative that utilizes social media to engage the public and encourage them to assist law enforcement by providing the locations of fugitives with outstanding warrants.

Hargrove’s September 10 Facebook posting included her mugshot and listed her name and information about the crime she allegedly committed:

“On August 30th Hargrove offered a female acquaintance a ride to a pharmacy on E. Main St. to pick up a prescription. After the acquaintance got the prescription and got back in the vehicle, Hargrove robbed the victim at gunpoint, leaving her on the side of the road.  Anyone with info. on Monica Hargrove’s whereabouts please call Det. Lemmon”

Hargrove, who had been indicted in the case for robbery, aggravated-robbery and kidnapping, actually contacted Detective Lemmon, who was listed on the Facebook post within 48 hours of the mugshot’s placement on the social media site asking for it to be taken down.  The detective Hargrove spoke with regarding the mugshot reportedly asked the woman to come down to police headquarters to discuss the photo, she did and was immediately cuffed.

Hargrove did get her wishes met as her mugshot is no longer on the Most Wanted site.