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In the midst of the fight for justice for Michael BrownJohn CrawfordEric Garner and others, young activists are calling for older more established voices to step aside. Elders in the movement say they still have a voice and a role to play in the struggle for social justice. While this battle is going on between millennials and elders, African Americans of all ages are being marginalized, disenfranchised and in many cases murdered.

Roland Martin, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Lauren Victoria Burke, Cleo Manago and Kim Brown look at the generational split within the movement for social change. Isn’t there enough room for everyone’s voice to be heard?

On Monday a number of protests took place in Ferguson, Mo. involving clergy, young activists and others demanding justice for slain 18-year-old, Michael Brown. Activists also protested at the site of last night’s Monday Night Football game featuring the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers. Two local area Walmart stores were targeted by protesters and according to Bryant shutdown.

Pastor Jamal Bryant joined Martin Tuesday on “NewsOne Now” deliver an update on the #FergusonOctober protests. Pastor Bryant and Dr. Cornel West were part of a group of protesters arrested for disturbing the peace and assaulting the police.

On Tuesday, Roland Martin explained during his commentary on “NewsOne Now” that everyone has a part to play in our fight for social justice and change. Martin stated we need everyone involved in the movement, young and old. We can’t afford to leave anyone out of the fight because everybody has something to bring to the table.

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.