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Randomly running across superstars in Los Angeles is inevitable, particularly if you work at LAX. Apparently one airport shuttle driver didn’t get the memo, though. And an unexpected encounter with Kevin Hart may have cost her her job.

When Genesha Bradley saw Hart outside of a terminal at the busy airport, she stopped the National Car Rental shuttle bus she was driving to hop out and take a quick picture with the funnyman. As she returned to the bus, which she had left idling in the middle of the terminal, she could be heard saying, “I’m sorry y’all!”

Innocent enough, one might say. That is, until her employer saw video footage of the incident and suspended Bradley indefinitely without pay. When TMZ asked Bradley did she regret the incident, she said that if she had known it would cost her her job then she does regret. She insists, however, that her passengers were not upset and one even got out to snap their own selfie with Hart.

“It was just one family,” she said.

National Car Rental has not issued a statement on Bradley’s employment status.