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Dr. Ben Carson joined guest hosts Angela Rye and Armstrong Williams on “NewsOne Now” to discuss Ebola‘s arrival in America and shared his views on what needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus.

Carson explained that the deadly virus needs to be contained in Africa and subsequently defeated there. Carson also expressed his views about instituting travel bans from West African countries and why a travel ban is necessary. Listen to Carson, Rye and Williams discuss how the United States should handle and stop Ebola from spreading throughout America.

In a recent editorial, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank  called President Barack Obama the “Pariah President”. This past weekend during a rally for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, supporters began to “trickle out” as Mr. Obama addressed the crowd. There are also reports of certain Democrats not wanting Pres. Obama to campaign for them during their reelection bids.

Are Democrats and Democratic supporters running away from the nation’s first Black commander in chief? Are they hurting their chances at reelection by turning away from the president?

NewsOne Now” guest host Angela Rye and the Straight Talk panel (Karen Finney, Armstrong Williams and Glynda C. Carr) discussed the Washington Post opinion piece and what really happened during the rally for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in Maryland that caused the crowd to leave.

Comedians Cletus Cassidy, Rob Gordon and Vince Barnett appeared on “NewsOne Now” with guest host Angela Rye for Wildin’ Out Wednesday. This week’s panel of comedians got so rowdy Rye exclaimed jokingly, “This is so ratchet and ignorant.”

Cassidy, Gordon and a reserved Barnett put the wild in Wildin’ Out Wednesday, cracking jokes about President Obama’s hilarious encounter while early voting in Chicago, Renée Zellweger’s new face and the “Breaking Bad” action figures disappearance from Toys “R” Us shelves.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.