Wildin’ Out Wednesday.

Every Wednesday is Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now, though portions of Tuesday’s edition of the show were pretty wild. One particular interview left Roland Martin and many viewers scratching their heads. Today, comedians Queen Aishah, Lawrence Owens, and Niki Moore joined Martin in the studio for this week’s installment of the laugh-fest, which did not disappoint. After […]

Wednesday's laugh-fest began with Martin and the panel taking a look at the wild fashions on display at this year's Grammys.

Comedians Chris Paul and Huggy Lowdown joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday, and things got out of hand in rapid fashion. Instead of just telling a few funny anecdotes, the comedy duo chimed in on the hot topic of the day — the Republican presidential debate. Paul told Martin […]

Every Wednesday is Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now and our weekly comedians panel is always ready to bring the funny to help you conquer “hump day.” This week’s edition took an interesting turn after comedians Miss. Gayle and Bo finished talking politics, Donald Trump’s “theater of the absurd” and Roland Martin’s desire for “the rent is too […]

Why didn’t anyone know Rachel Dolezal wasn’t Black? That’s because no one presented her with the “You’re Not Black If…” questionnaire. Wednesday on TV One’s NewsOne Now, comedian Guy Torry and host Roland Martin broke down a detailed list of questions that Dolezal should have been asked to verify her Blackness. You’re Not You’re Black If … […]

It’s hump day and that means it’s Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now. Comedians Mr. Tony Woods, Kiana Dancie, and Khai Morgan join guest host Mo Ivory to share a few laughs. This week, the Wildin’ Out Wednesday crew takes a look at a few graduation ceremony fails and some outrageous prom fashions that left […]

Comedians “Capone” Lee, Ray Diva, and Akintunde joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s installment of Wildin’ Out Wednesday. Martin and the panel joked about what it would actually be like to stand in line waiting for a barista and a customer to complete what would most likely be an awkward discussion on race for […]

It might be Wildin’ Out Wednesday on “NewsOne Now,” but on Monday the Twitterverse  was wildin’ out over the premiere of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters.” Roland Martin and this week’s comedians’ panel, featuring Chris Paul, Nikki Carr and Huggy Lowdown,  discuss the reality TV show that has everybody up in arms. Carr call the VH1 reality […]

Comedians Cletus Cassidy, Rob Gordon and Vince Barnett appeared on “NewsOne Now” with guest host Angela Rye for Wildin’ Out Wednesday. This week’s panel of comedians got so rowdy Rye exclaimed jokingly, “This is so ratchet and ignorant.” Cassidy, Gordon and a reserved Barnett put the wild in Wildin’ Out Wednesday, cracking jokes about President Obama’s hilarious encounter while […]

Podcast: Download Dr. Ben Carson joined guest hosts Angela Rye and Armstrong Williams on “NewsOne Now” to discuss Ebola‘s arrival in America and shared his views on what needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus. Carson explained that the deadly virus needs to be contained in Africa and subsequently defeated there. Carson also expressed his views about instituting […]

Comedians TL Fitz, Nikki Moore and Detroit Boat  brought the funny to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin for Wildin’ Out Wednesday. This week our comedians panel laughed it up about Martin’s ash patrol, missing neckwear, the White House fence jumper and the appearance of Martin’s “golf shirt chest hair” during a recent Rollin’ With Roland segment. Listen […]

Comedians Khai Morgan, Queen Aishah and Larry Lancaster joined Roland Martin Thursday on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday. This week’s comedians panel take on the White House security breaches saying Mrs. Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama’s mother, would have ended the breach real quick. Listen to all of the jokes below. Be sure to listen to […]