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Kobe Jones (pictured), 13, was killed Friday afternoon by his neighbor, who allegedly shot him nine times in a fit of anger, according to ABC 7.

The slain child had allegedly laughed at him because his home was burglarized.

According to police investigators, the 30-year-old unnamed man and his girlfriend had returned to his Gary, Indiana home to discover that he had been robbed.  In an effort to find the culprit, the man then reportedly walked up and down his block, knocking on doors to inquire as to whom would have broken into his home.

At one point, the man then decided to publicly showcase his rage by creating a scene outside of his home by yelling to no end and drawing a crowd. When Jones, along with other neighbors, observed the man’s antics, he allegedly began laughing at him and that was when the neighbor reportedly targeted the boy, pulled out a handgun and shot the child repeatedly.

After the shooting, the man and girlfriend reportedly fled the scene but returned two hours later, where police were waiting to take them into custody. “We weren’t expecting this,” Kobe’s stepmother, Starr Jones, told ABC 7. “We can’t even wrap our heads around it right now.”

Jones, one of 12 siblings and described as a funny, outgoing young boy, died at the scene. Family members said the unexpected funeral would be a financial burden and have created an account to collect donations. Contributions can be sent in the form of a check or a money order to 505 Adams St., Gary, IN 46402 or the Chase account 3005774699.

Meanwhile, Gary police have not released the alleged suspect’s names because official charges have yet to be filed.


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