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Amber Vinson (pictured), the Dallas nurse who attended to and contracted Ebola from her late patient Thomas Eric Duncan, is reportedly being released from Emory University Hospital, after successfully beating the virulent killer, according to CNN.

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Another one of Vinson’s colleagues, Nina Pham, a nurse who was also Duncan’s caregiver, also came down with the Ebola disease. The 26-year-old healthcare worker was diagnosed two days after Duncan passed away, and after a two-week battle, Pham was given a clean bill of health on October 24th.

Investigators have not determined how both women contracted the disease from Duncan, who died on October 8th, his 10th day of receiving intensive care at Texas Health Presbyterian. Ebola, a virus that has thus far killed more than 4,900 victims primarily in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, is transmitted through bodily fluids and secretions, including blood, mucus, feces, and vomit of an ill or deceased person, and has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days.

According to Dallas officials, a little less than 100 people — most of them hospital staffers who were involved in caring for Duncan, a Liberian citizen who had traveled from his country a few weeks earlier — continue to be monitored for Ebola symptoms.

When Vinson, 33, who was admitted to the hospital on October 15th, came down with the disease, she was transported to Atlanta’s Emory Hospital from Dallas on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Gulfstream III jet by workers who were dressed from head to toe in biohazard suits. Once she arrived, then Vinson boarded an ambulance.

And after nearly two weeks of treatment, Vinson is now officially Ebola-free.

Vinson will reportedly make a statement at a 1 p.m. ET via a news conference announcing her discharge.

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