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The Dayton Beach News-Journal is reporting that  Ebony Wilkerson, the Mother accused of driving her three young kids in to the Atlantic Ocean last March, has requested permission to see them.

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A Volusia County, Fla., judge is slated to rule Friday on the request from the 33-year-old Mother who wants to see her children before she goes to trial to face second-degree charges of murder and child abuse.

Reportedly out on bail while awaiting trial at the end of the year, Wilkerson has not seen her children since the March 4th incident near Daytona Beach, Fla., when she allegedly fought back rescuers trying to save her children from the surf. Wilkerson, who was pregnant at the time, was barred from seeing the children who have been placed in foster care, the New York Daily News reports.

Her lawyers have argued that she suffered from low blood sugar during the incident, but prosecutors allege Wilkerson was trying to kill her children.

The Daily News reports:

Though pregnant at the time of the incident, Wilkerson was never tested for gestational diabetes. She gave birth to a baby boy in May at Halifax Health Medical Center while she was jailed.

The baby is with Wilkerson’s relatives and husband, Lutful Ronjon.


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