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Producer/director Mary F. Morten is currently working on a continuation of her previous documentary film, “Woke Up Black,” which his aptly titled “Woke Up Black. Again,” and is looking for new faces with different stories to tell.

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The 2012 film followed the lives of five African-American youths from ages 16-20 and detailed their respective stories and experiences, from 17-year-old gender queer girl Ansheera  to 20-year-old community activist and Father Sheldon, and addressed “the challenges of inclusion and empowerment in the post-civil rights world.”

For the next documentary, Morten and her producers are currently looking for youths ages 14-24:

Mary is looking for real stories from the Black youth community; they can be like Sheldon’s, Carter’s, Rosey’s, Ace’s or Morgan’s, but they can also be completely different. Tell us what your day-to-day is like, about your school and community. Let us know what’s happening! AND every few months, we will choose three or four of your stories to highlight and put on our Facebook page and website. Some stories will be selected to be featured in the full length documentary!

Here are some things to think about while telling us your story:

* What is great about your life?

* What makes you happy?

* Have you ever been a subject of blatant or subtle racism?

* One of Woke Up Black’s themes is the media’s image of Black youth. What do you think of these representations?

* How might these kinds of images impact future youths’ perceptions of their history?

* What can youth do to have a positive impact on their communities in the here and now?

* How might history inform this present action?

If you know a youth that would like to be featured, he or she should record a 1-2 minute video of him or herself and send it to the Vimeo link that can be found here.

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