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President Barack Obama appeared on the “The Ko Show” to discuss why it is important for everyone to get out and vote in today’s elections.

During Mr. Obama’s exclusive interview on WERQ he reminded listeners about the financial crisis the country experienced in 2008, the recovery over the past six years and there still being more that has to be done saying, “…  we’ve got more work to do. The only way I can do that is if I have governors cooperating with me and congressmen who are cooperating with me.”

Get the latest news as Black America goes to the polls

Pres. Obama explained that during midterm elections many African Americans do not vote because the president is not on the ballot and “… that is a deadly tendency because in these off-year elections we end up losing power, giving our power away and then we’re confused when we can’t move our agenda forward.” 

Mr. Obama added, “I need to see people turnout in ways that we have not seen in some time. I am confident if we have good turnout that it is going to make a difference” in Democrats holding onto the Senate and being able to move his agenda forward. “Folks can’t complain after about how aint nothing better if you just sit at home waiting for it to get better. The way it gets better is when people make the effort” to get out and vote.

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Listen to President Barack Obama’s exclusive interview on “The Ko Show” below.