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The GOP has taken control of the Senate, leaving President Barack Obama to struggle with a congress intent on watching him fail.

While that news processes, take a look at these other key races and initiatives around the country.

GOP Takes Control Of The Senate

California’s Prop 47

The highly publicized Proposition 47, supported by JAY Z, John Legend and Russell Simmons, among others, has passed in California.

Penalties for some petty crimes, including drug, forgery and theft charges, will be reduced from potential felonies to misdemeanors, shortening the maximum sentence from 3 years to one year.

With the tagline, “Less prisons, more schools,” the millions of dollars in prison costs savings stemming from the passage of Prop 47  instead will be  invested in K-12 education, mental health treatment and more social  services.

Maryland’s Governor’s Race

In a shocking upset, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown’s dreams of being the first Black governor of Maryland were dashed by Republican businessman Larry Hogan.

Brown and Hogan were vying for the seat left open by exiting governor Martin O’Malley.

Washington D.C.’s Prop 71

Puff, puff, pass D.C.! Marijuana legalization passed easily in our nation’s capital, 64.6 percent of voters favored the initiative against 28.4 opposed.