A day after Democrats suffered stunning midterm election losses, President Barack Obama (pictured) swung in to action mode, saying he has “a unique responsibility” to make Washington, D.C., work. RELATED: GOP Takes Control Of The Senate After years of stultifying bipartisan infighting, the President announced plans to host a meeting Friday at the White House between […]

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” says no matter who won in the 2014 midterm elections don’t just sit on your behind, get involved, get engaged and hold elected officials accountable. Martin said, “If your candidate lost, if your candidate won, it doesn’t matter. The election was the end of one process and the beginning […]

By now you know that the GOP took control of the Senate — and therefore Congress — on Election Day. What you may not know is how key candidates and races went around the country, including those involving African American contenders. Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,” runs down the results critical midterm election contest winners and […]

Mia Love (pictured with braids) made history during Tuesday’s midterm elections, when she won Utah’s 4th District and becoming the first black female Republican elected to the U.S. Congress, according to USA Today. RELATED: GOP Takes Control Of The Senate The former mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, finished with 64,390 votes to 60,165 votes for Democrat […]

South Carolina’s Tim Scott defeated Democratic challenger Joyce Dickerson Tuesday night to become the first African American senator to win election in the South since Reconstruction. RELATED: New Black Senator Brings Same White Conservative Ideology After Sen Jim DeMint resigned in November 2012, Gov. Nikki Haley appointed Scott to the office. This election was only to decide who would […]

The GOP has taken control of the Senate, leaving President Barack Obama to struggle with a congress intent on watching him fail. While that news processes, take a look at these other key races and initiatives around the country. GOP Takes Control Of The Senate California’s Prop 47 The highly publicized Proposition 47, supported by JAY Z, […]

Once election day is over the real work starts. There are a number of issues that will confront newly elected officials, incumbents and President Barack Obama on the other side of the 2014 midterm elections. Will Pres. Obama be in a better position to negotiate and work with Congress or will it be more difficult […]

  The 2014 Midterm Elections feature a series of key races that could have staggering implications down the road. With eight tightly-contested U.S. Senate races and nine gubernatorial contests, this election cycle has the added drama of being the last two years of President Barack Obama‘s as he navigates low approval from the public. One of the more […]

More than 2 million women of color have joined the vote-eligible population in the past two years, making them key players in U.S. elections, according to Center for American Progress, citing an upcoming report by senior fellow Maya L. Harris. As a result of those numbers, President Barack Obama and other Democrats have been on […]

The Washington Times is reporting that some members of the Republican Party are up in arms over Alabama campaign mailers that urge Blacks to head to the polls or continue to face racial discrimination, including Stop & Frisk, land grabs to honor the Ku Klux Klan, and a jerry-built justice system. RELATED: Why The Black […]

With Election Day just days away, the 2014 Midterm Elections have become the hot-button issue for pundits and analysts alike. In regards to the Black electorate, this voting cycle could have even greater implications. Adding to the drama, there is also a partisan battle unfolding involving those critical votes. RELATED: Congresswoman Barbara Lee: Celebrate Civil […]

  As Democrats fight to maintain a grip on the U.S. Senate in the upcoming Midterm Elections, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) (pictured, right) went on the attack against the Republican Party, hitting leaders on issues of race relations in the hopes of spurring Black voter turnout. RELATED: Report: Strict Texas ID Law Is Stopping Citizens From Voting […]