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Cheryl White (pictured), who was arrested last January and charged with the stabbing of Thomas Blige, the Father of songstress Mary J. Blige, was handed down a sentence of 365 days in the Calhoun County, Mich., jail, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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The 50-year-old woman, who was Blige’s girlfriend, has already served 270 days since being charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily harm and will reportedly be given credit toward her new sentence.

White and Blige had allegedly duked it out several times previously before police were summoned to their last domestic violence episode. When officers arrived on the scene, Blige reportedly told them how he witnessed White cutting his car tires, but when he tried to stop her, she fled.  When Blige, however, caught up with White, she stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

As part of a plea deal last September, White chose not to contest the facts of the case and instead prosecutors agreed to a year’s jail sentence for her.  In addition to being behind bars, White received five years’ probation and a restitution of $17,290 that she must fork over to Mary Jane Productions for nursing services that were paid by Blige’s famous daughter.

The judge who presided over White’s case mandated that she not have any contact with Blige during her probation period and follow through with her court-ordered counseling and mental health services.

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