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Pewu Johnson, 68, a substitute teacher at Philadelphia’s Bartram High School, was attacked and knocked unconscious by a disgruntled student on Friday, reports

The student was allegedly upset that Johnson had stopped him from behaving “inappropriately” with female student earlier in the day. The student waited until the end of the day before approaching Johnson and blocking his way.

“He grabbed me, then lifted me up, then dropped me on my back, on the floor. I became unconscious. I wasn’t hearing anything. My eyes were closed,” Johnson said. reports:

He said he had intense neck pain and was bleeding from his elbow, and ended up spending hours at the hospital.

He isn’t sure when he’ll be able to return to work, he said, adding that he was still quite sore.

A student standing nearby captured footage of the teacher splayed flat on the floor and posted it on Vine, a video-sharing service.

Students began talking about the incident on Twitter: “Old head got put to sleep in Bartram,” one Tweeted. Others chimed in.