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Severe weather was likely a factor in the small plane crash that killed nine people, including a prominent Christian minister Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife, on approach to the island of Grand Bahama on Sunday.

According to Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell, Munroe’s  Lear 36 Executive Jet struck a shipping container crane in Freeport as it tried to land.

Munroe, 60, and his entourage were traveling to Grand Bahama to attend the 2014 Global Leadership Forum that he organized. Read more …

Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown are urging restraint by both protesters and police once a grand jury decides whether Darren Wilson, the suburban St. Louis officer who shot him should face charges.

They echoed Gov. Jay Nixon’s call for protesters to avoid rioting, looting and violence, but faulted him for not also calling on police to exercise restraint. Read more …

A former supporter of George Zimmerman said Wednesday that he wanted to make amends with Trayvon Martin’s family by testifying before a federal grand jury convened in downtown, Orlando.

Frank Taaffe, a former Zimmerman neighbor, was subpoenaed by a U.S. Department of Justice attorney to testify Wednesday before the grand jury, the report says. The grand jury is believed to be hearing testimony in the civil rights investigation in to the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Martin by Zimmerman. Read more …

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