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Roland Martin and this week’s “Wildin’ Out Wednesday” comedians’ panel joked about exchanging Christmas gifts with co-workers and NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley, upsetting everyone with his recent comments about the Ferguson grand jury decision.

Martin, who admitted that the NBA analyst had angered a lot of people with his Ferguson statements, jokingly asked the panel, “Which one of y’all want to fight Charles Barkley?”

Alycia Cooper responded, “Isn’t this the same guy that said he is not a role model? Why is he talking at all about this stuff?”

“[Barkley] is always taking the antithetical viewpoint on whatever is going on,” Cooper continued.

Listen to all of the laughs below as Martin and the panel chop it up over Martin’s pocket square, that according to Huggy Lowdown, resembles a pair of panties, Shep Kelly’s business attire line and exchanging Christmas gifts at work.

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