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An unidentified St. Louis man must have “lost it” when he reportedly barreled his minivan through a crowd of activists and then waved a handgun at them.  The gatherers were preparing a die-in demonstration that involves laying in the streets in protest of the Eric Garner decision to not charge a New York City police officer for using an illegal chokehold that wound up killing him, according to the St. Louis Dispatch.

The crowd of about 75 people, gathered at around 8:00 pm Wednesday night at St. Louis’ Maryland Plaza preparing to lay on the streets, when suddenly, a minivan appeared.  The vehicle’s driver allegedly accelerated through an intersection and then through the crowd. Witnesses saw a woman crouched on the minivan’s hood before she was thrown off.

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Folks then began chasing the vehicle, and the pursuit ended with the driver’s capture.  The man behind the wheel of the vehicle was Caucasian, who looked to be in his 50s.  He was also brandishing a semi-automatic gun when he was approached by the protesters.

Reportedly, four of the demonstrators were struck by the minivan, but, thankfully, no one else had been injured according to a protest organizer. The driver was taken into custody by police.

The entire case is still unclear as far as police investigators are concerned, as they try to determine whether the protesters actually jumped on the man’s vehicle, or if the man just trying to get through the crowd.


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