A look to the past might predict the outcome of a grand jury hearing evidence against Daniel Penny.


Over seven years after his killing, police and city officials may finally be held accountable for Garner's death. Advocates, including Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, have been undeterred in demand for accountability in the years since Garner was taken away from his family and community. 

Daniel Pantaleo, the fired NYPD cop who used an illegal chokehold on Eric Garner before the unarmed Black man died, has had his desperate appeal to win his job back denied.


The New York State Supreme Court will officially review how the NYPD handled the violent arrest of Eric Garner in 2014.

The "Get Off Our Necks" Commitment March has been planned for Aug. 28 and is expected to include civil rights leaders alongside families of police brutality victims, labor leaders, clergy, activists and advocates.

A Queens man is caught on camera in a graphic encounter with the police.

Philonise Floyd, Rodney Floyd, Bridgett Floyd and Tera Brown speak out.

The brazen killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police triggered flashbacks for women dubbed the "Mothers of the Movement" whose adult children were killed by police.

On this Mother's Day, the influential Mothers of the Movement -- women whose children have been killed by law enforcement -- has group has grown larger.

Daniel Pantaleo was fired five years after killing Eric Garner.

A New York Police Department officer thought it was funny to mock a man while watching his dying moments.

Civil rights lawyers said the coincidentally timed collision of the NYPD firing Eric Garner's killer with Jay-Z's social justice partnership with the NFL combined a begrudging chorus of "what took so long?" with the realization that while some semblance of justice had been established, it was still largely elusive.