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Scandal! Tanee McCall-Short (pictured), the soon-to-be ex-missus of former Scandal star, Columbus Short (pictured) was reportedly caught on film earlier this year giving the actor’s “female friend” a serious beat down.  But wait, there’s more!  The person videotaping the lady fisticuffs was none other than Short himself!  McCall-Short has now been officially charged with criminal battery according to RTV News 6.

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Reportedly, the women duked it out inside Short’s L.A. digs because McCall-Short thought Tilly Key was having an affair with her husband.  Instead of breaking up the brawl, Short whipped out his video camera and filmed the throw-down where Key sustained a concussion, bodily bruises and a lower back sprain.

McCall-Short filed for divorce from 31-year-old the former Britney Spears backup dancer last September, after an eight-year union. Right from the start, the couple’s parting has been tabloid fodder with McCall-Short seeking full legal and physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter Ayala. The feuding couple has been involved in more than their fair share of domestic violence accusations, vicious threats of violence and restraining orders.

In August, Short went to court to face misdemeanor spousal battery charges to which he pleaded not guilty. A judge gave Short three years probation and mandated that he participate in 30 days of community labor and counseling for domestic violence.

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