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Six-year-old Michael Cattron (pictured) died from a gunshot wound to the head in Chicago. Police believe the child came across a handgun and pulled the trigger after watching cartoons. Cattron’s grandmother Latonia Mardis, who has lost several of her family members to gun violence, however, does not believe the child shot himself, according to ABC-7.

DuPage County sheriff’s records allege that 911 received a frantic call from the boy’s dad, Michael Cattron Sr., 46, stating his son had been shot and was laying in a pool of blood. When investigators arrived on the scene, the boy was not breathing. Little Michael was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Michael, Sr. had apparently stepped outside of his townhouse to smoke a cigarette while his son had been entertaining himself by watching cartoons, say deputies.

Although the case is still being investigated, there are two different stories floating about. One alleges that the child turned the gun on himself accidentally, while another theorizes that Michael had been fatally shot by a young cousin.

The DuPage County sheriff’s officials are still trying to flesh out the details of the shooting.

Mardis believes that Michael did not have the capability to shoot himself. She remains inconsolable because not only because of her dead grandson, but because his pregnant mother, Jasmine Curry, 25, was randomly shot to death last July while traveling in her car on a Chicago highway.

Michael’s shooting is actually the third such tragic occurrence that the family has had to endure.  Jasmine’s brother, Pierce Leroy, 17, was also gunned down last year.

The family also lost an uncle to gun violence a year and a half ago.  “It’s too much death in the famiy,” Mardis told ABC 7.  “Killing, it’s just terrible out here, and now you’re going to tell me a 6-year-old killed himself, I ain’t never going to believe that.”