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Clay Jackson (pictured), an Allen Texas high school basketball coach is being referred to as a “racial bully” by a few angry parents because he has allegedly been attaching racist monikers to a few of his black students.  One of whom was too young to understand the Pickaninny stereotype attached to her given nickname of “Buckwheat,” according to WFAA News.

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Jackson has taught at the Allen Texas school district for the past five years.  One of the student’s parents, Chidi Ogbuta, revealed to WFAA that her daughter was constantly referred to as “Buckwheat”  by Jackson.  The teen, according to the mom, did not even understand the meaning of the historically racist label.  “Seeing such an ugly, vicious remark from an educator who is supposed to be a role model… who knows better,” Ogbuta explained. “What Mr. Jackson did to my daughter, I regard it as racial bullying.”

Ogbuta told the news outlet that her daughter’s teammates thought the nickname “Buckwheat” was funny.  It wasn’t until later, the child found out about the origin of the racially derogatory word and now the situation has reportedly tarnished the child’s love for the game.  According to Ogbuta, her daughter no longer wants to play basketball.

Reportedly, two other black families also came froward with their similar complaints about Jackson.

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Lauren Jones, one of the concerned parents, told the news outlet that Jackson had called her daughter “Gimpy,” even though the youth had requested he use her given name instead.  “She’s had this conversation with the coach. She’s reminded the coach what her first name and her last name was,” Jones pointed out.

Allen High School’s administrators issued a statement about the Jackson situation and announced he had been placed on administrative leave.  “Allen ISD has high expectations that employees treat all students with respect and the district will take appropriate action based on the employee standards of conduct,” read the statement.