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A brave teen was cut down in the prime of his life as he saved his brother from armed robbers.

Just three days shy of their birthday, 15-year-old Demario Bailey (pictured) died trying to save his twin brother Demacio (pictured left) from an attempted robbery, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The deadly incident happened shortly after the Bailey boys had convinced their mom to grant them a little more freedom to be out on their own together. They were on their way to a basketball game on Saturday afternoon when they were accosted by four youths who demanded that they give up their jackets. The robbers were attacking Demacio when his twin yelled out to them, “Get off my brother!”

During the struggle, one of the thieves pulled out a gun and fired.  The gunshots forced the shooter and his accomplices to run; Demacio took off after them, but when he notched, Demario was not with him. Demacio looked back only to see his brother lying face down on the ground. One of the gunshots was fired right into Demario’s chest, killing him instantly.

“He didn’t see anybody other than Demario on the ground,” his grandmother, Bernice Fitzpatrick, 62, explained to the Tribune. “They were raised to stick together,” she added, describing both of her grandsons as “honorable” and “good” children.

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The inseparable sophomores, who attended a charter school, were very devoted to one another. They came from a home with a “very involved” PTA-member parent, who makes education a top priority in her home, according to school officials.

Students and faculty at the charter school came together on Sunday to grieve and pay tribute to the slain honor student, who is described as affable and kind-hearted. “You hear all the time (after shootings) about, ‘This was a good kid,’” Demario’s algebra teacher Jack Greenfield told the Tribune. “This was actually a legit good kid.”

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Carlos Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder in Demario’s slaying and is also reportedly wanted in connection to yet another robbery that took place recently as well. The youth was expected to appear for a bond hearing set for Monday.


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