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An ex-NYPD officer didn’t take kindly to Sunday’s #Blackbrunch actions, Tweeting a selfie of himself aiming a gun at the camera in apparent response.

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“I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now,” John Cardillo (pictured) sent out during the event, adding the group’s hashtag at the end.

Over the weekend, when most of the protests taking place, the #Blackbrunch hashtag was used by thousands, but many of those tweets were actually anti-#Blackbrunch.

Cardillo told BBC he deliberately took the picture to paint the activists as hypocrites.

“These people who are screaming about my photograph, I didn’t see any of them shouting about the murder of two cops,” he said, referencing recently slain NYPD officers in Brooklyn.

“I found this group to be incredibly cowardly, this was a feel-good measure and they picked the softest target imaginable,” Cardillo added.

“It was incredibly tasteless to do this during the funeral of a police officer [in New York City on Sunday]. It was in incredibly poor taste and it was counterproductive to their mission.”

Ironically, for someone calling the activists “cowards,” Cardillo lives in Miami, where he sent out the Tweet. He denied his intentions were racist and said he would’ve supported the protestors if they’d been on the street instead.

Despite mixed response from restaurant goers, the #Blackbrunch organizers say they will perform the action again.

“We had a mix of reactions. Some people were really moved by the message we brought. Some came up to us and asked how they could help,” said Wazi Davis, one organizer, said. “Others you could see the clear annoyance on their faces. #Blackbrunch is definitely going to continue.”

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