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GOP leaders have vowed to continue to challenge President Barack Obama on several issues. On Wednesday, The White House issued more vetoes against top-priority legislation of the predominately Republican Congress. One of the major changes that the GOP leaders are looking to make is to the Affordable Care Act, which would change the requirements of being classified as a full-time worker, ultimately making several people ineligible for healthcare coverage. The GOP want to increase the amount of hours that classifies a person as a full-time employee to 40 hours instead of 30. In a veto threat issued by the White House, the administration said that the change “would significantly increase the deficit, reduce the number of Americans with employer-based health insurance coverage, and create incentives for employers to shift their employees to part-time work, causing the problem it intends to solve.” Read more.

NYPD Fears Attacks By Black Guerrilla Family on Precincts

The NYPD is warning their officials that members of a militant group that are anti-police may be planning to enter precincts armed with weapons. There has been a bulletin circulating among different police departments following the arrest of an armed member of the Black Guerrilla Family. According to the Baltimore Police Department, 29-year-old Jason Armstrong came to a Baltimore police station earlier this week. Police discovered marijuana, cocaine, and a loaded .22-caliber handgun on Armstrong. They believe that he was trying to test the level of security in the precinct. Even though the incident took place in Baltimore, cops in New York City have been alerted. “We would obviously advise our police officers even if wasn’t geared toward New York,” said NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis. Read more.

Essence Dedicates Their February Issue to #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Essence magazine has always been known for highlighting issues that not only pertain to African-American women, but to the entire Black community as well. For 45 years, African-American women have graced the front of the magazine, but for their February issue, they’re taking a new approach and bringing the most-pressing issues that African Americans are facing from the inside of the magazine to the cover. Therefore, the entire February issue will be dedicated to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. “Pictures are powerful, but so are words,” wrote the magazine’s editor-in-chief Vanessa K. De Luca. The issue features pieces about police brutality and racism by Angela Davis, Susan Taylor, Isabel Wilkerson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris Perry, John Legend, Common, Chirlane McCray, and others. “We’ve invited some of our greatest thought leaders — you included — to help us answer the question on our minds at the moment: Where do we go from here?” she said. Read more.

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