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As Floyd Mayweather rose from relative obscurity as a boxer to become the undefeated champion of the world in five different weight classes, one woman stood by him. Her name is Tasha Robinson-White and now she’s revealing what she saw in the champ’s life on the way up and in the glittery promised land, according to the Daily Mail.

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Robinson-White, whose book “Right Hand To The Champ” was published this week, was by Mayweather’s side nearly everyday for 12 years as his assistant, she reveals in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online:

In a sensational account of the sportsman’s personal life Tasha, 42, reveals how Mayweather became deeply consumed by the trappings of wealth; lost $15 million after being duped by a con man; surrounded himself with an entourage of paid strippers and hangers on; and gave cash and presents to strangers.

When he was not in the ring, he had an unusual daily routine.

When the fighter was not in training he would sleep from 6am until 3pm each day before spending two hours dressing and grooming himself.

He selected what designer outfit to wear from his vast walk-in wardrobe, which included a separate room for his furs and a room for his leathers.

Then at 4:55 p.m. he and Tasha would drive in separate cars to see his personal banker at a Bank of America branch near his Las Vegas home where he would withdraw, on average, a staggering $100,000 in cash.

He was always flush with cash because “he didn’t like credit cards,” she told the Daily Mail.

“He kept it in a large duffel bag which his staff called the ‘pregnant duffel’ because it was always bulging with money.”

Two burly security guards follow Mayweather wherever he goes to keep him and the cash safe.

Tasha said the boxer lived and breathed money and became more and more “flashy and flamboyant.”

He also loved to drop cash on cars, she said, recalling a time when he bought seven in one day.

“Money” Mayweather – who can earn $15,000 a second during some of his big pay-per view fights and is said to be worth $85 million – once tossed $100,000 in cash around like it was confetti at a strip club.

In 2008, he hired out a recently closed strip club in Las Vegas to host a wild “strip-off” contest to impress his close friend, hip hop artist T.I.

He arranged for dozens of professional strippers to be flown in from around America to compete in the event as part of one of his infamous “Mayweather weekends.”

But all that glitters isn’t gold.

[A] series of events deeply affected Mayweather – voted the world’s highest-paid athlete for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Forbes – and he was forced to come out of retirement to “maintain the lifestyle he had,” says Tasha.

She said the money “changed” Mayweather for the worse.

“He became a little bit more controlling, he became like a spoiled child,” she said.

But the trouble did not end there, Robinson-White told the site:

In one of his darkest moments Tasha says he kept his girlfriend ‘captive’ in his home for two days.

The paranoid boxer became suspicious that a then-girl was somehow behind the robbery and he had also learnt she had slept with one of her ex-boyfriends behind Mayweather’s back.

He kept her inside his movie room for two days as he berated her with the accusations, Tasha claims

Mayweather faced up to 34 years in prison for the assault, but got off easy, serving 60 days, the report says. Robinson-White ended her working relationship with Mayweather in April, 2009 after she began to feel certain people within his entourage were blaming her for the $15 million fraud, but the two remained friends, the report says:

“Working for Floyd Mayweather eventually broke my spirit but I didn’t dislike him.”

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