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President Edgar Lungu has appointed Zambia’s first female vice president, Inonge Wina (pictured), and she is making history as the first female to hold such a high-ranking political position in the republic, according to All Africa.

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Wina was the wife of the late-freedom fighter Arthur Wina, who played a pivotal role in the country’s liberation struggles and passed away in 1995.

The 73-year-old 13th vice president of Zambia has always been fueled by community work.  Wina began volunteering for various grassroots movements as far back as the early ’70s but at the top of her agenda was her dedication to championing women’s rights.

Wina was instrumental in the creation of a victim’s support unit under the auspices of the Zambian police. In 2000, Wina was also at the helm of the women’s movement in the Red Ribbon Campaign in defence of the Zambian Constitution.

Wina was elected to the Zambian Parliament of Nalolo Constituency back in 2001 and has chaired a number of portfolio committees, including the Committee on Human Rights Gender and Governance and Women Parliamentary Caucus. In 2006, she tried to regain her Parliamentary seat but lost. More than two years ago, Wina attempted to campaign for a Parliamentary seat under the Patriotic Front ticket and won.

Wina was included in the late-President Michael Sata’s initial 18-member cabinet as Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs. In March of last year, Sata revamped the gender cabinet division, turning it into a full ministry, with Wina serving as Minister of Gender.

We wish you well, our sister!