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The Indian media reportedly raked President Barack Obama (pictured) over the coals for removing a piece of chewing gum from his mouth to address India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi (pictured), then popping it back in as the men sat next to each other during the country’s annual Republic Day parade, according to The Daily Caller.

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President Obama, who was named a “chief guest” at the country’s parade, which is one of the biggest honors that India can bestow on a foreign leader, was visiting the nation for three days along with First Lady Michelle in order to forge a new “friendship pact” with Modi.

Obama, who reportedly kicked his smoking habit to the curb back in 2011, has been known to chew on Nicorette gum in order to help stem his nicotine desire, but India’s press, such as The Times of India, were unforgiving and went in on our president:

In an ungainly sight, cameras caught U.S. President Barack Obama chewing gum during the Republic Day parade on Monday.

In the picture captured by cameras and posted on Twitter by some users, Obama was spotted removing his chewing gum while PM Modi was seen trying to explain something to the U.S. President.

Many Twitter users also thought Obama needed an etiquette refresher course:

Last November, Obama was harshly criticized and referred to as ‘uncouth’ by the Chinese media for his gum chewing at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in the republic. President Obama was also snapped popping gum at a July 2013 White House function honoring former President George H.W. Bush.