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Dorian Walker-Gaines (pictured left), 20, and Dillian Thompson (pictured), 22, of Houston, Texas, were arrested Tuesday, after allegedly stealing an iPad and then taking celebratory selfies that were automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account, according to the Smoking Gun, citing court documents. The pair further exacerbated the problem by posting a video on Facebook, where they bragged about their haul while holding fans of $100 bills.

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Walker-Gaines and Thompson were charged with felony theft, with Walker-Gaines reportedly being held on $10,000 bond and Thompson being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond:

According to a criminal complaint, Walker-Gaines confessed that he and Thompson stole the iPad, $5,000 in cash, a laptop, and other items from a vehicle owned by Stewart Schaefer who left the car unlocked in front of his home earlier this month.

Schaefer subsequently discovered that a series of photos had been uploaded to his iCloud account from the stolen device. Those photos showed Walker-Gaines and Thompson inside a Burger King holding fans of $100 bills.

The felony complaint notes that after news about the “selfie” photos began circulating online, a Reddit user contacted a friend of Schaefer’s and provided the names and dates of birth of Walker-Gaines and Thompson.

Watch video of the incident here:

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