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Jeremy Meeks (pictured), the “hottie thug” who became an internet sensation overnight when his mugshot was posted on Facebook by the Stockton, California police last year, was given a 27-month prison sentence for gun possession by a judge, who apparently was not turned on by his good looks, according to CBS Sacramento.

The 30-year-old blue-eyed and extremely photogenic law-breaker was given the name “hottie thug,” after he was arrested during a gang sweep on June 18 for gun possession. The federal crime could have put him behind bars for at least ten years.

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After Meeks’ mugshot went lovefest viral, his chiseled good looks and even emotion-stirring teardrop tattoo near his left eye made women —and a few men—go ga-ga.  With model and film star looks, Meeks began receiving offers and even reportedly signed lucrative modeling contracts with payoffs that range from $30,000 to a cool $100,000 a month.

For now, “Mugshot McDreamy” will just have to do his time and look GQ fabu in his prison gear.  The judge also mandated that Meeks complete a 500-hour Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Treatment Program.