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Chipotle found itself the victim of racist hackers Sunday, the Daily Dot reports.

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Users screen-grabbed the offensive Tweets shortly before the burrito chain deleted them. You can see the company’s explanation and apology in the image above.

The earlier, hacked version featured a swastika replacing the company logo. It began with a claim that “it is our regret that we will be closing all Chipotle restaurants on Dec 31, 2015. @TheCeltic666 has poisoned our meat supply. LOL F**S.”

Warning: The image below contains offensive and NSFW images and language.

The posts then took an anti-government stance, saying in all caps, “THEY ARE NOTHING BUT FRAUDS AND BULLIES, F**K THE NSA, F**K THE FBI, F**K THE CIA, YOU ARE ALL GARBAGE.”

Later on, the user amped up the racism by announcing, “We are now in full support of the Nazi Party. F**k that ni**er Obama.”

Chipotle swiftly apologized for the hack after regaining control of their social media account:

Twitter has since suspended @The Celtic666 and @TUGFeds, the accounts believed behind the incident. However, before that happened, TheCeltic explained that “I did it for the lulz, topkek.”

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