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Kenyan runner Hyvon Ngetich (pictured) had many marathon spectators watching her with their mouths agape, as she wobbled, staggered, fell and then crawled on all fours to the finish line of the Austin, Texas 26.2-mile race, despite the fact her body had given out on her, according to CNN.

Ngetich had been leading for most of the race and had only two-tenths of a mile left to go when she began exhibiting physical signs of distress. The 29-year-old statuesque marathoner’s legs buckled out from under her and when offered a wheelchair from surrounding medial attendees, the trooper refused and instead opted to crawl to the finish line.  Never once stopping to gather herself, Ngetich kept moving forward, crawling 1,312 feet across the concrete pavement which reportedly left her hands and knees bloodied.

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Ngetich placed third, with a time of 3:04:02.

Upon reaching the finish line, Ngetich, whom many are hailing as brave, was immediately taken to a medical tent where she was treated for a severely low level of blood sugar.

According to avid runner and Austin Marathon race director John Conley, Ngetich’s indomitable spirit was inspirational telling CNN, “What we saw was a champion,” Conley said. “The toughest person on the planet.”

Even though Ngetich came in third, Conley awarded her the very same amount of prize money as the second runner-up for her very brave and awe-inspiring effort.  You ran the bravest race and crawled the bravest crawl I have ever seen in my life,” Conley said to Ngetich on Sunday night according to CNN, “You have earned much honor.”

Meanwhile doing whatever Ngetich needed to do despite the odds, in order to complete her goal was just a second nature move telling CNN, “In running, you have to keep going.”

Watch the brave Ngetich crawl to victory.