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Former hip-hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight (pictured) was transported via ambulance on Thursday from a Los Angeles courthouse to a nearby hospital for an alleged stomach issue, according to the New York Daily News. Before that drama unfolded, the newspaper reports that this took place:

“Suge got on the bus from jail and people started taunting him, calling him names,” the source said after Knight was taken away by ambulance….

“The problem with Suge is he has claimed he was in a gang, which causes problems. And then the guy he allegedly killed was really popular in Compton. So he gets on the bus, and they’re yelling at him, threatening him, calling him names,” the source said.

“He was taken off for a perceived security risk. They brought him in a separate vehicle,” the source said.

Knight then “suffered some medical condition,” the judge confirmed Thursday in open court.

Knight’s most recent medical alarm was the second in recent weeks as he faces charges for murder and robbery in two separate cases.


After Not-Guilty Pleas, Suge Knight Hospitalized

911 Call Released In Suge Knight Murder Case

The 49-year-old hulking 6’5, 350-pounds-plus record producer was about to be arraigned on a felony robbery charge but never even made it inside the actual courtroom.  Knight’s attorney, David Kenner told the New York Daily News, “We have an understanding it was an issue with his stomach.”  Knight’s other legal representative, Brett Greenfield chimed in to add,  “At this point, we believe his medical issues are related to his stomach and the injuries sustained from gunshot wounds. He has not been well and his current living arrangements do not lend to a speedy recovery.”

Last August, Knight was shot six times outside a Hollywood hotspot where a pre-MTV Video Music Awards bash hosted by Chris Brown was being held.  The former CEO and co-founder of Death Row Records was rushed to the famed Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Hospital, underwent surgery, then was released just three days after the incident.

On February 3, Knight pleaded not guilty in a Compton murder case where he was accused of running over two men and killing one of them.  On the heels of his plea, he fell ill and was rushed to a local hospital. He was released from the medical facility just one day later and was returned to his jail cell.  Kenner told the New York Daily News that his client, who has been imprisoned since January 30, has a blood clot issue that could prove to be fatal if it reaches his heart,  so doctors were concerned about it during the first few days of his incarceration.

Knight will now be arraigned on April 8 states Kenner, who was present in the courtroom sans client.

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