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The Denver Police Department has terminated an officer for using excessive force during an arrest last year.

According to the Daily MailOfficer James Medina was fired last Wednesday after video of an arrest made in July of 2014 surfaced. Seryina Trujillo was arrested after allegedly spitting on a cop during the arrest of her boyfriend. While Medina tried to take Trujillo’s belt, Trujillo refused to give up her belt and shoes and the two got into a scuffle.

After pushing Trujillo against the wall several times, he places his knee onto her neck, nearly knocking her out for a few moments. In an open investigation, officials revealed Trujillo was never given medical support and the incident wasn’t reported.

After the department reviewed the footage above, they came to the conclusion that Medina, a 16-year veteran, was wrong for harming Trujillo. Cmdr. Matt Murray told reporters Medina should have called for backup instead of taking matters into his own hands.

“We have repeatedly talked about the fact there is a culture of change within the Denver Police Department demanded by the community and this is a part of it,” said Murray. “There is an expectation that officers act differently than Officer Medina did in this case. This is clearly not consistent with our values and this is not treating people with respect.”

Medina has appealed his firing and claims his actions were appropriate at the time. His attorneys added the veteran used less force than normal to restrain Trujillo and that her alleged biting and resistance in giving up her shoes and belt started the encounter.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO CREDIT: Twitter