Charles Guy recorded a fateful encounter during a domestic call to his home.

Cleveland's Department of Public Safety is turning to HBCUs to fill positions in law enforcement to help police Black communities. Societal factors suggest this isn't an easy fix for police departments.

Southwest Airlines called Nashville airport police on travelers with canceled tickets. Viral video shows they were threatened with arrest.

Only in America can police respond to separate calls for the same thing and have different results depending on the race of the suspects. Meet David Depape, who attempted to assassinate Nancy Pelosi's husband.

After the Saint Paul interim police chief gave remarks, Mingus took the opportunity to talk about the issues with policing.

Shaw University President Paulette Dillard accused Spartanburg County deputies of racial profiling for stopping the HBCU's bus in South Carolina.

Introduced earlier this year by a former police officer, HB 2319 prohibits individuals from recording police within eight feet. While the law contained a few exceptions, the ACLU of Arizona and media organizations maintained it was unconstitutional.

A viral video shows a white "kid" giving the finger and cursing at police officers, who react the polar opposite way they typically do when suspects are Black.

An "honorary" police badge isn't real. Who's gonna tell him?

Students at Denver South High School were shown a video instructing them not to call the police to report a racist hate crime.

The hoops star is serving nine years in Russia.

A police officer sent out a racist text prompting the Vincent, Alabama city council to dismantle its entire police department.