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Students who have concerns about how they are doing in school under Common Core state standards shouldn’t think of their lessons as “such an arduous task,” advises middle school English teacher Tammi Butler, who sat down for an interview at the New York Urban League office in Harlem to give advice about Common Core.

It may seem to some as if students are being forced to learn differently, but really they are just being taught to learn with more depth, Butler explains.

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With regard to the reading standards, she says, “We read every day and now Common Core is now enabling [students] to read more in-depth about the stories of their own lives. They may at one point and time find themselves writing their own stories.”

Lessons that follow the standards give students the opportunity to engage with their lessons because they can cover topics that are “relatable,” such as robotics, or “going from homelessness to Harvard,” Butler elaborates.

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