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Following a huge brawl in a New York City McDonald’s that left one teen injured and six others arrested in March, another disturbing fight has been caught on video in one of the chain’s downtown Brooklyn restaurants.

According to the NY Daily News, the most recent melee took place just four miles from March’s brawl. This time, however, a Good Samaritan stepped in to break up the fight. Community activist Tony Herbert confirmed to the site that the individual was attacked after inserting himself between the parties.

From the NY Daily News:

The fight, police said, started outside the McDonald’s and spilled inside. Video posted on Facebook showed two girls rolling on the restaurant floor, pulling each other’s hair as a bystander, believed to be the person recording the sick scene on his cell phone, provided a running commentary, peppered with obscenities and the N-word.

“They wilding in here!” he is heard yelling. “Oh, s—!”


Herbert, at an evening press conference outside McDonald’s, lamented the senseless violence. “I’m not surprised — I’m just embarrassed,” he said. “These are young people in the community who should be doing something more positive, and to turn around and see this happen and to not understand what happened the last time … are you stupid? The reality is there are consequences behind this — somebody’s gonna go to jail.”

The fight was reportedly sparked by an argument between a teen girl and another group of girls and boys around 3 p.m., Herbert said.

The NYPD is investigating the brawl. By the time they arrived at the store, the crowd had dispersed. The owner of the McDonald’s is said to be cooperating.



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