The Butler County, Ohio cops on video punching Latinka Hancock in the face over a Big Mac were not fired after brutalizing the Black woman.

Race Matters

McDonald's is set to pay $33.5 million to Herb Washington, a Black owner of multiple Mickey D's franchises, to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of systemically giving white owners more opportunity to buy restaurants in affluent neighborhoods.

On Thursday Chicago police officers captured a suspect in the deadly shooting after a high-speed chase that resulted in a car crash. The suspect was eventually shot by police after attempting to highjack another vehicle.


Meanwhile, Rayshard Brooks couldn't make it out alive from a Wendy's.

A white customer who was caught on video assaulting a Black woman employee at a St. Petersburg, Florida McDonald’s was sentenced to serve jail time.

McDonald's employee fired for using N-word toward a customer.

The 20-year-old says she does not blame her manager.

Daniel Willis Taylor was still allowed to place his order.

White man charged with terrorism in an unusual twist.

Good News

Jade Colin, 28, made history by becoming the youngest Black woman to own a McDonald’s franchise.

Devin Gibbs was charged with aggravated battery with a weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.