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NBA MVP Stephen Curry took a hard fall yesterday during Game 4 of the Western Conference finals series between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. With six minutes left in the second quarter, Curry flipped over Rockets forward Trevor Ariza while trying to block his shot. He remained on the ground several minutes after the fall and was escorted off of the court. He returned to the game during the 3rd quarter. His team’s general manager took to social media to share with fans that Curry “should be all right.” Read more.

Chicago Bears Release Ray McDonald over Domestic Violence

Many NFL players have found themselves in the middle of domestic violence incidents. After receiving backlash for how the Ray Rice situation was handled, the league is cracking down on players who are involved in similar incidents. Chicago Bears defensive end Ray McDonald was taken in to custody on Monday and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment. It was the second time that he was arrested for domestic violence. Following his arrest, the Bears decided to release him. “We believe in second chances, but when we signed Ray we were very clear what our expectations were if he was to remain a Bear,” said general manager Ryan Pace in a statement. “He was not able to meet the standard and the decision was made to release him.” Read more.

Lowest Rate of Population Enlisted in Military in Decades

Thousands of parades took place throughout the country over the weekend to honor those who have risked their lives to protect the United States. Although the parades were attended by many civilians who are paying homage to troops who have served in the military, there is a divide that exists between the two. The military has the lowest enrollment rate since between World War I and II, with only one-half of 1% of U.S. population enlisted. Most of the people who enlist have family members who have served in the past. “The last decade of war has affected the relationship between our society and the military,” said Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “As a nation, we’ve learned to separate the warrior from the war. But we still have much to learn about how to connect the warrior to the citizen…. We can’t allow a sense of separation to grow between us.” Read more.

Bomb Squad Destroys Pressure Cooker near US Capital

According to reports, a bomb squad destroyed a pressure cooker that was discovered in an unoccupied vehicle near the Capitol on Sunday. It was spotted by officers who were on patrol near a street on the National Mall and the Capitol Police bomb squad was alerted afterwards. “Further investigation revealed a pressure cooker, and an odor of gasoline was detected,” said Lt. Kimberly A. Schneider. The area was temporarily closed off. The person who owned the vehicle has been arrested and charged with “operating after revocation.” Read more.

Judge Allows Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Fiancé to Amend Embryo Lawsuit

Actress Sofia Vergara’s messy breakup with her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb has been making headlines lately. The two are in the midst of a heated legal battle over custody of frozen embryos that were created when they were together. A year ago, Loeb sued Vergara in efforts to void a contract that they signed concerning the embryos. Last week, a judge granted Loeb permission to file a newly revised lawsuit that would allow him to sue for custody of the embryos. “Many have asked me: Why not just move on and have a family of your own? I have every intention of doing so,” wrote Loeb in an op-ed piece for the New York Times. “But that doesn’t mean I should let the two lives I have already created be destroyed or sit in a freezer until the end of time.” Read more.

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