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Jamaica Gilmer is the founder and co-director of The Beautiful Project and a brilliant example of dreams realized, translated, and carried out in real life. Her work as a photographer allows her to capture vignettes of realities that are often overlooked and misunderstood. She is a storyteller who uses the camera to punctuate profundity and make lasting impressions.

Gilmer’s photographic portfolio includes special reports (Black Girls in New York City: Untold Strength and Resilience, and Under Construction: Transforming the Lives of Boys and Men of Color, among numerous noteworthy others), as well as events (A Gathering of Leaders and the DNC Welcome Delegate Reception).

The range of her body of work can be found here.

When not behind the camera, Jamaica takes every opportunity to enjoy, love, and nurture her longtime sweetheart and best friend, whom she is grateful to have as a husband, their sweet baby boy, and another one on the way.

A graduate of Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications, she is also a speaker, informing and sharing insight across the nation as a guest lecturer, keynote, and panelist.

Jamaica is passionate, bold, and one to watch as a champion of Black girls everywhere.

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