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Concertgoers attending Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert at New Jersey’s Met Life Stadium Sunday were pepper-sprayed and maced by police in riot gear as they tried to make their way into the venue to watch acts like Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar.

According to NBC New York, the incidents occurred shortly after 9 p.m. While there is no confirmed reason as to why police were aggressive with concertgoers, several reports claim technical issues with the scanning of tickets and a fight in line prompted the police response.

To add to the fracas, many who purchased tickets stated they were not informed that access to the show would be denied after 9 p.m. New Jersey State Police then blocked the gates of the venue to prevent anyone from getting in, and from there, cops claim people “illegally” tried to force their way in by climbing the gates.

The police statement reads:

“This evening, security personnel at one of the entrance gates to MetLife Stadium were confronted by crowds attempting to illegally enter the sold out Summer Jam concert by climbing over fences and forcing their way through security personnel. The gates have been shut and troopers on site have called for assistance from several nearby stations to help maintain order. Troopers and stadium security officials are insisting that all people outside of the gates depart the MetLife grounds to avoid congestion when the concert lets out. There is no number of arrests available at this time.”

Tear gas and mace were dispersed into the crowd.

Hot 97 posted a message via Facebook, stating that any tickets that were not scanned at the show will be refunded. Fans spent hundreds of dollars to see acts such as Big Sean, Omarion, Chris Brown, and the show’s big headliner, Kendrick Lamar.

Inside the stadium, the show continued without interruption. No injuries have been reported.



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