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Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now via phone to discuss the Emanuel AME massacre that claimed the lives of nine worshipers.

Rev. Jackson told Martin, “It’s a painful scene — one night you’re looking at LeBron and Curry having fun and watching our boys play with their skills, and the next day you look up and this act of terrorism — it’s a hot and cold water shower.”

Jackson believes the alleged shooter Dylann Roof, who is now in custody, “was taught to hate.”

“He is not merely the cause of something, he is the result of something — after all, this state (South Carolina) still brandishes the Confederate flag — about to close South Carolina State — Walter Scott was shot and killed, shot in the back by a policeman a few months ago — [South Carolina] is the number one state in infant mortality, number one in short life expectancy.”

“This is a culture of terror against Black people and we need to call it what it is.”

Rev. Jackson later added, “This is a season of terror and there has not yet been a definitive plan to fight this internal racial terror.”

Despite having a White House conference on racism and racial justice, Jackson said, “A rising tide does not lift these boats. The Black boats are stuck to the bottom.”

Watch Roland Martin, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the deadly mass shooting and the terroristic nature of the act by alleged shooting suspect Dylann Roof in the video clip above.

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Hate Crime In Charleston: 9 Dead In Shooting At Historical African American Church, Suspect In Custody