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Glory Johnson is going after Brittney Griner‘s pocketbook, seeking temporary spousal support and attorney fees after the WNBA star filed for an annulment.

Now, Johnson wants $20,000 a month from Griner’s, plus another $10,000 for attorney fees.

ESPNw reports:

Johnson’s attorney, Stasy Click, wrote in the June 29 filing that Griner has “far superior control over the family’s financial resources” and that Johnson is “without the necessary financial means to pay for legal representation in this matter.”

The couple has had a wild year. On April 22nd, the two basketball players were involved in a domestic violence incident. Some time after that, they patched things up and got married on May 8th. Things went well at first, because on June 4th, Johnson announced she was pregnant.

The next day, Griner — a member of the Phoenix Mercury — filed papers requesting the marriage be annulled or dissolved, saying she was “pressured into marriage under duress by Johnson’s threatening statements.”

In that June 5 petition, Griner said she was unaware when the in vitro fertilization resulting in Johnson’s pregnancy had taken place. She said the marriage was “based on fraud” and that the parties had acquired “minimal community property and incurred minimal community debts during their three-week marriage.”

Now, Johnson is claiming the high-risk pregnancy is costing her money and playing time, and she wants to get paid. An evidentiary hearing is set for Aug. 17 at Maricopa County Central Building in Arizona to see if Griner will have to come out of her pockets.



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