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Two women were shot to death at a Louisiana movie theater Thursday night. Movie-goers who went to see the 7 p.m. showing of the new movie Trainwreck at the Grand 16 Theater were hit with a hail of gunfire. According to reports, a 58-year-old suspect, identified as John R. Houser, entered the theater and began firing shots randomly. Three people died, including the gunman (of a self-inflicted wound), and nine people were injured. Police Chief Jim Craft said the injuries range from stable to critical. Following the shooting, the theater was closed for the rest of the night and remains closed. The two fatalities have been identified as Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33. “Don’t lose sight of the fact that these two individuals had a vision, had a name, had a future,” said Col. Michael Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police. “It wasn’t to die as they did horribly in this theater here.” Read more.

Bobby Shmurda Faces New Charges

Brooklyn-bred rapper Bobby Shmurda’s legal situation has gotten worse. According to reports, Shmurda, real name Ackquille Jean Pollard, is up against new charges for perjury after taking a knife from his girlfriend while she visited him at Rikers Island. His girlfriend, 18-year-old Kimberly Rousseau, reportedly gave him the knife during a June 21 visit, according to Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. She allegedly pulled the knife out from under her bra and handed it to Pollard. Pollard pleaded not guilty to the charges. Rousseau is facing charges that include criminal possession of a weapon and promoting prison contraband. He is already awaiting trial in a drugs and violent crime case. Read more.

Will Smith and Jay Z to Produce Miniseries about Emmett Till

The story of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old teen who was brutally murdered in Mississippi 60 years ago, will have his tragic story played out on the big screen. The HBO miniseries will be produced by Jay Z, Will Smith, and Aaron Kaplan. The team is still searching for a writer to pen the script. Till was killed in 1955 for allegedly flirting with a White girl. After his brutal murder, his mother decided to have an open-casket at the funeral so that everyone could witness the cruel effects of racism. This isn’t the first time that Smith and Jay Z have teamed up for a film. The two created Annie, starring Jamie Foxx. Read more.

Screenwriter James L. White Dies

Famed screenwriter James L. White has passed away after a long bout with pancreatic and liver cancer. White penned the screenplay for the Oscar award-winning film Ray, starring Jamie Foxx. “Jimmy White was a lovely man and a terrific writer,” said the director of the film Taylor Hackford. “His insights as a black man growing up in the south [Kentucky] were an invaluable asset in writing the script for Ray.” White died at his home in Santa Monica. He was 67-years-old. Read more.