After the Nashville school shooting, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds urged people not to "get into emotion" by blaming guns for the preventable and senseless tragedy.

The Kenosha killer Kyle turned to YouTube after an online fundraiser floundered.

Teachers, faculty and other staff in Ohio schools can now bring guns to work and only need to complete a fraction of training to do so, thanks to a new law.


Donald Trump Jr. claimed Salvador Ramos would have committed the "same" Uvalde shooting with a bat or machete.


A new federal study has found a sharp increase in affluent white minors who say they carry a handgun or have carried one before. It also revealed a decline in Black and Native American minors who say the same.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' solution to a rise in gun violence in NYC is to unleash a previously-dismantled special plainclothes police unit that has been accused of racial profiling to target guns and street gangs.


Black Friday was the gun industry's most active day of 2021, according to FBI statistics. Santa got himself a gun because he knows the same people accusing liberals of trying to cancel Christmas are the same people who will shoot him in the chimney and get acquitted for self-defense.


The husband is currently defending a victim of police brutality.

The actor was booked on felony charges after being stopped by the police.


Drugs and gun possession surround a tragic death.


A young man posted an online video.


New York City's West Indian Festival J'Ouvert is a legendary staple in Brooklyn during Labor Day Weekend, but this year's event ended in two brutal deaths.