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An 11-year-old is facing manslaughter, among other charges, for the death of a three-year-old in Detroit.

While visiting his father, the boy stole a loaded gun from the home, tossed it out the window, and headed outside to play inside a car parked in the backyard. The three-year-old, identified as Elijah Walker, climbed into the car a short time afterwards and was shot in the face, according to The Detroit News.

No clear motive or reasoning behind the case has been determined. Because of the boy’s age, his name hasn’t been released to the public. His parents stood with him in court Tuesday when he received charges of manslaughter, death by weapon aimed with intent but without malice, and felony firearm. The judge set a $5,000 bond. If convicted, the boy will be sentenced to a juvenile facility until he turns 21. He will also be considered for a “blended sentence,” meaning that when he turns 21, additional time could be added depending on his behavior.

A competency hearing has also been scheduled. Attorneys believe the child (who should be in seventh grade, but doesn’t attend school) isn’t fully developed enough to understand what he could be facing. While Michigan law states that a suspect can be charged at any age, many are concerned with this particular case.

“In interviewing him, some questions came up that caused me to question his competency to stand trial,” said his attorney Beverly Anthony Walker, who added that the boy “was not active in school or the community.”

At the preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said there was enough evidence to press charges. The boy was also allegedly involved in another incident during which he pulled a gun out on a neighbor.

Police also are investigating reports that the 11-year-old pulled a gun on a neighbor during an argument last week, the source said. Meanwhile, federal authorities are trying to trace an AK-47 assault rifle taken from the shooting scene to determine if it was used in any other crimes, the source said.


“I cannot remember a time when we have charged someone so young with taking a life,” said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in a statement. “Very unfortunately and very tragically, the alleged facts in this case demanded it.”

The 11-year-old’s parents – Corey Bryson and Kwanna Luchie – left the courthouse separately on Wednesday. At this time, Bryson will not face charges for having the AK-47 in his home.



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