Coach Prime is an incredible athlete and a phenomenal father first.

Louisiana has confirmed it sent jailed juveniles to the maximum security "Angola" prison in a move opposed by child welfare advocates.

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LeBron James has teamed up with for the creation of a cryptocurrency education program for youth.

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A children’s book inspired by ‘The 1619 Project’ is slated to hit shelves this fall.

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Serena Williams, Scholastic and the National School Board Association are donating over 4 million face masks to schools throughout the U.S.

People commentate on the rap star's 2-year-old kid.


The money is intended to assist parents, teachers and students during the coronavirus crisis.

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Zoe Terry, 11, founded the non-profit Zoe’s Dolls as an avenue to encourage Black girls to have a positive self-image.

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Fresh Prince’s Karyn Parsons founded a non-profit organization that conveys the narratives of prominent people in African American culture through animations.

Maribel Martinez's son Andy was put on the wrong JetBlue flight on his way home to New York from the Dominican Republic.

Baby Hope was helped by Danish aid Anja Ringgren Lovén in January after his family abandoned him over accusations of witchcraft.